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Laboratory News 2016

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FDA's ban on Triclosan

September 23, 2016

The triclosan study was initiated through the Superfund Research Program lead by Bruce on campus. The study shows that triclosan can harm human body in few different ways. Here are few research papers from our lab related to triclosan studies.

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Surprise discoveries in Science and Chronic Pain Research

August 20, 2016


A fascinating story about how caterpillars become butterflies and then led to discoveries about chronic pain.

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Shirley's 40 years of service

August 5, 2016


Besides Bruce, every single generation in this lab knows Shirley. She is not only a scientist, a mentor, the lab mom but also a friend of everyone. After so many years working here, she is saying goodbye to all of us.

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13th Annual Hammock Lab Water Balloon Fight

July 25, 2016


What is better than no work but play all day long and still get paid? The water balloon fight is the lab annual event that draws everybody together, leave work behind and have not some, but a lot of fun!

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Our research on Neuropathic Pain is one of TOP 100 Science Stories of 2015

July 7, 2016


Bora and Ahmed Bettaieb from Haj lab discovered that the significant driver of neuropathic pain is ER stress. With this fundamental discovery, it probably helps open new ways to control chronic pain.

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