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 The Lipid Analytical Core is a mass spectrometry lab located in Everson Hall.  The lab has served as the Analytical Core for multiple NIH grants for over 30 years, including NIEHS-UC Davis Superfund Program and NIH CounterAct Center of Excellence.  The lab specializes in the analysis of a range of different categories of lipids as listed below. 

In addition to structural lipids, many lipids play an important role in various biological functions, including proliferation, immuno-regulation, angiogenesis etc.  The lipid core facility is routinely working on and focuses on methods to analyze regulatory lipids including fatty acids panel, oxylipin (eicosanoids) profiling, vitamin D metabolite profiling (including the biological active compound-1, 25-dihydroxy vitamin d3) and endocannabinoid profiling.

Regulatory lipid mediators derived from variety of PUFAs and capable of being analyzed by the Lipid Analytical Core.

Partnering with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the lab led by Dr. Jun Yang will continue run analytical chemistry to help college faculty with quantitative analysis of endocannabinoids and other bioactive lipids, vitamin D metabolites, regulatory steroids and other low abundance materials of high biological significance. If there were special needs on some other lipids, the core lab would love to work together on them as specific case.







An example of data generated by the Lipid Analysis Core. The pie graph based on lipid mediators’ profiles in OVA induced asthmatic murine model show diverse response of lipid mediators in BALF, plasma and lung. It indicates different cell types and population contributes different mediators.

The lab is extremely productive and collaborative. It has published over 100 papers in the past 5 years and provided preliminary data and continued to collaborate on over six new R01 grants.  These productive collaborations bring up the importance of high-quality data interpretation that the Core provides, which is as important as the assessment of the lipids.

The attachments provide a breakdown in costs for using the Core, as well as equipment available for interpretation. Investigators are encouraged to contact Dr. Jun Yang for additional information.

Lipid Analytical Core Facility (CA&ES)

Services and Rates (per sample)             Proposed UC Rate         Proposed non-UC Rate

Fatty acid analysis                                                    $55                                        $75

Oxylipin profile                                                         $344                                     $460

Vitamin D metabolite profile                                 $216                                      $290

Endocannabinoid profile                                        $185                                      $249

Immunoassay                                                 (Pending Price)                    (Pending Price)

Enzyme Inhibition Assay                               (Pending Price)                    (Pending Price)

*Assays for additional lipid related metabolites can be developed with investigators.

**Costs are in the process of being updated.

Please contact Dr. Jun Yang for more information at


Equipment List


The UC Davis Lipid Analytical Core Facility

HP 6890-5973 GC/MS System

Agilent 7890-5975C GC/MS System

Waters Acquity UPLC-Quottro premium MS/MS


Agilent 1200SL UHPLC-AB Sciex 4000 Qtrap MS/MS


Waters Acquity UPLC-Xevo TQS MS/MS


Waters Acquity UPLC-AB Sciex 6500 Qtrap MS/MS

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