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Laboratory News 2019

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Bruce Hammock Featured in Bloomberg News 

July 20, 2019

The piece, by Naomi Kresge, is titled “Brain Implants Offer a Future Without Opioids?”

Scientists are unlocking the genetic underpinnings of pain to develop innovative treatments.

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Bruce Hammock Receives $6 Million Federal Grant 

July 19, 2019


Distinguished professor Bruce Hammock of the University of California, Davis, has received a $6 million, eight-year “Outstanding Investigator” federal grant for his innovative and visionary environmental health research. 

The award is part of the Revolutionizing Innovative, Visionary Environmental Health Research (RIVER) Program of the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). This award is based on a track record of innovation and a ‘visionary' proposal to address serious problems in environmental health.

Hammock, who holds a joint appointment with the UC Davis Department of Entomology and Nematology and the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Society, is known for his expertise in chemistry, toxicology, biochemistry and entomology. He meshes all four sciences in his 50-year research on how environmental chemicals impact human health. 

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The 2019 Hammock Lab Water Balloon Battle

July 12, 2019


The annual battle, aka "Bruce's Big Balloon Battle at Briggs," is a way of showing camaraderie and engaging in a little fun. Lab members fill and toss 2000 water balloons, and then empty tubs of water on unsuspecting lab mates.

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