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Purchase Reimbursement   

We strongly encourage you to make purchases through the PrePurchasing System with Purchase Orders (P.O.). However, if a vendor does not take P.O., you will have to pay out of your pocket first then get reimbursed. For this, please fill out this form, attach the receipt to the form and give them to Louisa.

Travel / Entertainment Reimbursement

Important Reminders:

Notify Cindy about your travel plans before your travel.

Submit your receipts and approve in MyTravel 30 days after your trip.

Have a safe and productive trip!


If you are attending conferences, meetings or workshops which are outside of the UC Davis campus, and you need to pay out of pocket for lodging, meals, transportation and other expenses, please read the following carefully:





  • Only coach fare will be reimbursed unless traveler pays for the upgrade.

  • Under the Fly America Act, only U.S. air carriers shall be used for travel reimbursed.

  • If your airline reservation was changed for any reason either by you or the airline, please keep the receipt/paperwork/boarding pass - whatever it is that indicates you took a different flight.



  • Car rental requires advanced approval by Cindy.

  • According to UCD travel policy, "A traveler may use surface transportation for personal reasons even though air travel is the appropriate mode of transportation. The cost of meals and lodging, parking, mileage, tolls, taxis, and ferries incurred while in transit by surface transportation may be reimbursed. However, such costs shall not exceed the cost of airfare, based on the lower of the regular coach fare available for the location of travel from a standard commercial air carrier or the campus travel program fare, plus transportation costs to and from the terminals.

  • Travelers are expected to use the university car rental agreement when possible. 

  • Advanced car rental reservations should be made whenever possible and a compact or economy model requested.

  • Car rental insurance is not reimbursable since it is included with the UCD agreement with Hertz, Enterprise, and National. If you use another agency, only LDW insurance will be reimbursed.

  • Travelers may use their own vehicle for business purposes if it is less expensive than renting a car, taking a taxi or using alternative transportation, or if it saves time.

  • If you are driving your own car and request mileage reimbursement, please register your car at myInfo at myTravel.




  • Sharing:  We encourage room sharing to save funds, but it is not required.

  • Receipt:   Accounts Payable needs to see the traveler's name on the receipt. So if you are sharing a room with someone else, make sure you get a separate receipt with your name on it.

  • Phone Call:  Local and long-distance phone calls are reimbursable, including ONE reasonably brief, non-emergency, personal call home per day.

  • Internet:  Subscribing to the Internet in your hotel room for business purposes is allowed.

  • Laundry:  Laundering, cleaning or pressing of clothing will be reimbursed only if the trip exceeds SIX days.


Meals and Incidentals



  • Meals and incidentals shall not be reimbursed when the entire length of a trip is less than 24 hours, unless an "overnight stay" as supported by a lodging receipt, is provided. Exceptions apply to lodging with friends or relatives, staying overnight at an airport or taking alternative transportation that required the traveler to be away overnight.

  • There is a per diem amount for meals. For details, please check with Louisa or Grace.

  • If meals are provided by the conference and you eat somewhere else, you will not be reimbursed for the meal.

  • Travelers are expected to pay for their own expenses. For example, a traveler should not pay for another traveler's meal and expect to be reimbursed for it. This is against the University policy.

  • Use discretion when tipping.



Alcohol will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.




Trip extension:

If you extend your trip for personal reasons or other business, you will not be reimbursed for expenses related to the additional days. For example, parking at the airport will be pro-rated.



Please save ALL ORIGINAL receipts and identify receipt information, i.e., if it isn't obvious what it is for, write it on the back of the receipt.



Please notify Cindy if you will host a guest.



  • There is a per diem amount for meals. For details, please check with Louisa or Cindy

  • Alcohol will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

  • Always submit both itemized receipts and credit card receipts.


Name List:

Please attach a list with all the participants, including their first and last name, title and affiliation.

After Travel

  1. Submit all the original receipts to Louisa within 15 days after you return from your trip. Please include the date and time of your departure and arrival,  as well the business purpose of the trip.

  2. Also, don't forget to add her (Suet Lo) as your delegate at myTravel (through myInfo at the top right hand corner) so that she can complete the report on your behalf.

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