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If you are a first time user of the prepurchasing system, please check with Louisa before placing your order!                                                                                           

Purchasing Procedure: (New changes as of 11/1/12)    

  1. Log on to UCD PrePurchasing and place your order through the system.

  2. Enter anything for "Justification", even simply a dot.

  3. Pick vendor*  from the "Search Vendor" button, then type in the Vendor Name and select "Default" as the address.

  4. Put your name, email and address for shipping address. (Address should always be Hammock Lab, 367 Briggs Hall)

  5. Clearly type in order details.

  6. Click "Approver & Account Manager" in Order Details.

  7. Select "Any Approver (Optional)" as APPROVER and "Any Workgroup Account Manager" as ACCOUNT MANAGER.

  8. Put 2 weeks from the date that you order as the "Date Needed". E.g. You order on 1/1/15, then put 1/15/15, otherwise it will charge you 2-day shipping.

  9. Attach quote or other related information to the system if any.

  10. Create your order or save for later.


*If you are sure that the vendor is not on the list, you can add it by yourself. Click "Add new vendor", type in the Name of Company, Address, Phone Number, and Fax Number (if any) and hit "Create Vendor". Louisa will be happy to assist you if you have any questions. 



Usually after you submit your request, it will take 1-3 days for the account manager and the approver to approve it.  

Then it will take another 1-3 days for the purchaser to purchase your items.

And it depends what you ordered, it will usually ship in 1-3 days.

That means you should request your order at least 10 business days in advance if you know that you will need it.

Requesting to push through your request is not the best practice.


Always check your email to respond to the notes that Lisa, myself or other purchasers put it.

Delay to reply to these notes may also delay your order.

Starting last year, Lisa requested everyone to fill out their email address on the request form.

Fail to do that will result a cancellation of your order.


Always remember to mark as received once you receive an item.

We are not able to pay the invoice unless the item(s) is/are marked as received. Late in payment will result in late charges!

Pick up

When your order arrives, Lisa Jurado or Alexus Kazeil from the department will inform you by adding notes to the system. If you pick up the package directly from the 3rd floor (Department Office), please return the packing slip to Louisa immediately. If your order is a chemical and will not finish it in one dose, please bring it to Shirley.

Gas Order and Cylinder Return: (New as of 8/25/14)

Instead of submitting an order request on UCD PrePurchasing, please simply email Louisa the cylinder information, including tank number^, type of gas (nitrogen, helium, etc.), grade of gas (industrial, medical or specialty) and the size of the cylinder (228 cu ft). After she submitted a request, she will send you a pick-up notice. Please print TWO copies for each cylinder+, stick them both on the cylinder(s) and move the cylinder(s) to the right hand side of the cylinder cage at the Briggs Hall loading dock on the same day.


^ Tank number is the handwritten number on the cylinder.

+ You will only receive 1 pick up notice even if you are returning 2 or more cylinders. So multiply 2 by the tank numbers that you are returning and print the amount. The rule is, 2 copies for each tank.

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