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       Laboratory Safety Information

The University, college, department and our laboratory are dedicated to assuring that you have a safe work environment. Your role is to complete appropriate training, understand the content of training materials and apply those training concepts to your everyday work. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, so do not hesitate to let Shirley or Bruce know if you have a concern or suggestion.

Before you can begin any laboratory work, or enter the laboratory unescorted you must take the UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals online course and have the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Click here to go to the Safety Training page .

In addition, every researcher must become familiar with the contents of the following documents and sign and verify that the contents have been read and understood:


The Illness and Injury Prevention Plan (IIPP) that provides a framework for providing the information necessary to work safely in our laboratory.


The department Emergency Action Plan (EAP) that describes procedures in the case of emergencies.


The Laboratory Safety Manual and the procedures for obtaining additional safety information needed to perform your research safely.


The Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), contained within the Laboratory Safety Manual, provides general guidelines for managing laboratory hazardous chemicals. Within that plan is our site-specific Laboratory Safety Plan (LSP) that includes Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for particular laboratory hazards including hazardous chemicals, processes and equipment use.


It is prudent practice to review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for any chemical that you will be using.  Other resources are,, or the website of the vendor that supplied the chemical.


We conduct a wide variety of research in the laboratory. Depending upon your research interests, additional training may be required. Please click here to find out what training you might need.

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